armed-forces-covenentClocks & Chimes Defence Discount

Clocks and Chimes supports our Armed Forces community with the following Clocks & Chimes Defence Discount :


Built to order premium wall clocks

Clocks and Chimes offer a 10% discount on clocks with mechanical movements, manufactured by Clock & Chimes, to the UK’s Defence Community.


Coupon Code

The Coupon Code to take up this offer can be found at



Offer is reserved for those of the UK’s Defence Community.
This includes:
– Serving Armed Forces – Any member that is currently serving within HM Armed Forces
– Reserve Forces – Any member that is currently part of a Reserve Force
– Veterans – Any member that has served in HM Armed Forces for 24 hours or more
– MOD Civil Servants – Any member that is currently employed as a MOD Civil Servant.
– Spouses/Partners of Serving Personnel – Any member whose Spouse/Partner is currently part of the Serving Armed Forces.
– Cadet Forces (16+) – Including adult instructors and those that volunteer
– NATO Personnel serving in the UK – Any member of the NATO forces still serving in the UK.
– Bereaved Family Member
– War/Service Widow(er)

This offer only encompasses clocks with mechanical movements, manufactured by Clock & Chimes, which are sold on

Clock & Chimes mechanical clocks that are on sale, quartz movement clocks manufactured by Clocks & Chimes and any type of clock made by another manufacturer are NOT included in this offer.

Clocks included in this offer, those with mechanical movements, manufactured by Clock & Chimes are built to order products and are not stock items that can be returned.


Clocks & Chimes

Clocks & Chimes is a craft manufacturer…
specialising in new Regulator wall clocks, designed with a contemporary feel, they are hand made and built to order. Each clock is made from sustainable British hardwoods and is fitted with a quality German clock movement from either Kieninger® the oldest existing manufacturer, or Hermle the world’s leading producer.

Clocks & Chimes is also an online retailer…
offering a selection of quality weight and spring driven mechanical and pendulum clocks: Grandfather clocks, Regulator wall clocks, and Bracket & Mantel clocks.

These superb clocks from brands recognised for their quality and reliability, are supplemented by a selection of premium quartz crystal Floor, Table and Wall clocks; in a variety of classic and contemporary designs, utilising a range of materials including glass, metal and wood.

Clocks & Chimes Regulators are built for delivery in six to eight weeks. Many of the other brands’ clocks are available for delivery within a few days, while some can take up to 28 days. If time is a crucial factor in you purchase decision, please call to check availability before ordering.

Delivery is free for most clocks, to any UK address.