Matthew Norman ClocksMatthew Norman

Table clocks intended to surprise and captivate

Matthew Norman clocks symbolize the marriage of ancient and modern, brought together in a small object hailing from another era and constantly revisited by guest designers invited to reinvent it. Thanks to the technical innovations that serve their design, Helix and Garden of Eden will enchant admirers of beautiful pieces, horology enthusiasts and fans of technical accomplishments.

Matthew Norman aims to create unexpected objects intended to surprise and captivate. Its products therefore convey a genuine philosophy which endows them with richness, rarity and history.

In this age of multi-connected devices, the choice of a Matthew Norman clock demonstrates an admiration for ancestral forms of expertise and an attachment to beautiful objects. It reveals an appreciation of the use of technological innovation to enhance tradition. And also it means embracing a liberated attitude, by choosing an exclusive object designed to last.

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