Tothora Time Sculptures

Tothora time sculpturs


Tothora contemplate time differently, and share their enjoyment of this difference through their range of stunning clocks – genuine “time sculptures”. These sculptural clocks are designed to be minimalist and unique in their form. The hours are asymmetrically displaced to one side of the clock adding another element to the innovative designs and transforming these modern clocks into unique timepieces that enhance any contemporary home or office.

Josep Vera
Josep Vera
The company’s maxim is “different clocks for different spaces”, which is expressed through the production of  a series of design collections including the award winning Dome collection – inspired by the solar system and the movement of one body around another.

 All Tothora’s clocks are hand made in Barcelona and built to order, using quality materials including German Crystal Quartz movements. Resulting in the creation of superior modern timepieces with exceptional reliability and silent operation, which enables you to enjoy time in a different way.  Each clock is signed by its designer Josep Vera, certifying its authenticity as a Tothora masterpiece.







Tothora Clocks are being reviewed and updated at present.

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