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Mechanical Floor Clocks

(Mechanical Movements)

All Floor cocks with mechanical movements on offer at Clocks & Chimes come in a range of solid woods and wood finishes, with each clock housing a quality German engineered mechanical movement, from either from Kieninger® – the oldest existing manufacturer or Hermle – the world’s leading producer.

Many of these clocks have chime mechanisms playing melodies such as Westminster chimes – synonymous with British clock making and of course Big Ben.Some clocks have other chimes options, mainly Whittington or St. Michael’s chimes, and most have a night silent facility, perfect if you’re a light sleeper. All our clocks have a silent lever and all have automatic beat adjustment for easy set up and to maintain regular time.

Longcase Clocks – Grandfather clocks tend to be over 1.5m or 6ft tall, while those under 1.5m or 6ft are known as Grandmother clocks. More on longcase clocks



Grandfather Clocks

Grandmother Clocks