Handmade Regulator Wall Clocks

Built to order with delivey in six to eight weeks – Deposit option available.

British built Regulator Wall Clocks are made in Lanarshire by Tom Harris Clocks, each clock cases made of solid British harwoods, from sustainable woodlands. These superb cases house a quality German engineered clock movement from either Kieninger® – the oldest existing manufacturer and Hermle – the world’s leading producer. Resulting in a limited number of hand-built clocks, attracting the discerning customer looking for something unique and special.

German built clocks are made by Helmut Mayr Clocks at Pilsensee near Munich in Bavaria, These elegant clocks have an exceptionally compact design, which is due to their exclusive small mechanical movement; built from premium quality components to extend its longevity. Only the finest grade of wood is used for their elegantly desined cases.

When you purchase one of these handmade Regulator clocks, built to order clocks, you will not only buy a functional clock but also a valuable piece of furniture that has a timeless beauty and with care will become an family heirloom for future generations.

Being made to order they are placed in the relevent manufacturer’s production plan, when ordered, and depending on their demand at that time, can take from as little as four weeks and up to eight weeks to be completed for delivery. Due to the length of time in this process, Clocks & Chimes offers customers the option of placing an order in the relevant production schedule with an initial deposit, deferring the balance payment until the clock is ready for shipping.


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Handmade Regulator Wall Clocks

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