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AMS Clocks “Premium Quality Timepieces” Originally established in 1776 by Joseph Mayer in Furtwangen, Black Forest, Germany, the family business was re-branded as AMS, ( Alois Mayer & Sons) in 1841. Since then, for more than 175 years, AMS clocks have been manufactured by the Mayer family, and consistently through the decades, they have produced clocks renowned for their reliability and aesthetic appeal.

Each generation has added innovative designs and technological enhancements, constantly expanding and adapting the range of clocks available – keeping the brand contemporary throughout its long history. Alongside their classic clocks, this emphasis on contemporary design, make AMS modern glass pendulum and grandfather clocks among their most popular models.

A great variety of floor clocks, table clocks and wall clocks provide the opportunity find perfect AMS clock to suit your own your style and personal preferences. Constructed in a variety of quality materials including glass, metal and wood, AMS clocks make a great addition to any room.

“Quality from the Black Forest” – whether a classic or modern contemporary clock; a floor, table or wall clock; made with glass, metal or wood, AMS clocks are built to exacting traditional quality standards expected of a Black Forest clock maker. Producing functional and reliable timepieces, with the aesthetic appeal required by today’s discerning consumer.


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