Helmut Mayr Regulators

Helmut Mayr regulator clocks are not only a precision timepiece but also a valued item of furniture of timeless beauty. All clocks feature either genuine enamel dials, or their unique stainless steel dials. and the clocks are available with either chrome/nickel finish or classical polished brass accessories. All metal parts are protected against oxidation.

These superb regulator cases house Helmut Mayr’s exclusive, cable driven, 8 days HMW111 mechanical movement.  Manufacturer using traditional clock making skills dating back to the 19th century, combined with modern manufacturing methods and technology. 

Built using the finest materials, to provide reliability and longevity, this exclusive movement’s exceptionally compact design enable Helmut Mayr to make clocks with elegant and subtle proportions.


Helmut Mayr Table Mantel Clocks
HelmutMayr Regulator Wall Clocks
Helmut Mayr Pendulum Wall Clocks