Contemporary Floor Clocks


Modern contemporary floor clocks are constructed form a range of materials such as metal and glass as well as wood.  At Clocks & Chime we have a small selection from Tothora’s range of handmade time sculptures in wood and BilliB’s Bubblegum designer range, constructed in light metal with colourful hand painted and printed finishes, and fitted with German made crystal quartz movements.

As well as modern adaptaion of the floor clock, using cryastal quartz movement, many contemporay floor clocks can technically be called Longcase clocks – familiar to most as Grandfather clocks and Grandmother clocks, These statement come in a range of solid woods and wood finishes, each housing a quality German engineered mechanical movement; and many of these clocks have chime mechanisms playing melodies such as Westminster chimes – synonymous with British clock making and of course Big Ben. 

Some clocks have other chimes options, mainly Whittington or St. Michael’s chimes, and most have a night silent facility, perfect if you’re a light sleeper.  All our clocks have a silent lever and all have automatic beat adjustment for easy set up and to maintain regular time.  Longcase Clocks – Grandfather clocks tend to be over 1.5m or 6ft tall, while those under 1.5m or 6ft are known as Grandmother clocks. More on longcase clocks

Grandfather Clocks

Grandmother Clocks