grandfather floor clocksGrandfather Clocks

For over two hundred years, Grandfather clocks have had a dual purpose; being a mechanism for displaying time, and an item of decorative furniture.  In today’s digital world, where you can find time displays on many devices, the former purpose may be diminished. However, the latter is still very much relevant for our 21st Century interiors.

traditional Grandfather clock is a statement item of furniture that invokes a sense of history, nostalgia, and substance.  While in a contemporary design, the Grandfather floor clock makes a distinctive statement of confidence and individual style.  

Clocks & Chimes has a broad selection of classic and contemporary Grandfather clocks, for your modern home and workplace.  All our clock cabinets/cases  are built from solid woods. Some in a light wood like alder or maple, which are then stained and burnished to provide a specific wood finish, such as mahogany or walnut.  Many of the Grandfather clock designs include contrasting wood inlays.

Each newly built Grandfather clock, houses a quality German engineered movement.  These movements are manufactured to exacting standards, for reliability and longevity that is demanded by today’s discerning customers.  They generally have an eight day power reserve, which requires winding only once a week.  In terms of height, Grandfather clock are usually over 1.8 meters (6ft), while clocks between 1.5 meters (5ft), and 1.8 meters (6ft), are known as Grandmother clocks

Whatever the style, longcase grandfather clocks are striking and inspirational pieces of furniture, some with intricate designs, other made with simplicity in mind, but all presenting an appearance of class and grandeur.  More on Grandfather clocks – including the origin of the name “Grandfather”.


Grandfather Clocks

Grandmother Clocks