Helmut Mayr handmade clocks

Helmut Mayr

Over 30 years ago Helmut Mayr, from Andechs in Stanberg, Bavarian (renowned for its pilgrimage Abbey and brewery), set out to enrich the clock market, which was – and still is, dominated by mass-produced clocks from manufacturers focused on cheap production. He did this by embracing traditional manufacturing techniques, making a return to the days of master clock makers, with craftsmen utilising the highest quality components and cases.

The company today – Helmut Mayr Uhren GmbH, is located in Schramberg in the Black Forest, and is wholly committed to this philosophy. At this new location, which was once a centre of watch production, they design, develop and manufacture a range of high quality mechanical timepieces. Their modern regulators are cable driven, with ruby and miniature ball bearings, these precision manufactured components guarantee a high degree of reliability and longevity; consequently producing a sustainable product that fits more than ever in our time – classic products for 21st century living, which are likely to become a much loved future family heirloom.


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