Contemporary Table Clocks

(Bracket, Carriage, Mantel clocks, in a range modern designs)

The term contemporary table clocks is used here as a collective name for Contemporary designed clocks that are placed on a table, mantel, or any surface other than the floor. These clocks developed from the traditional table clocks, come in a variety of materials including: glass, metal and wood; in a range modern designs. Clocks in this category include: Bracket clocks, Carriage clocks and Mantel clocks.

The collection of contemporary table clocks available today encompasses various styles and materials. Technology and modern production techniques enable the production of contemporary table clocks, with both mechanical or crystal quartz crystal movements giving consumers a extensive choice; and the opportunity to acquire the perfect timepiece that will enhance their home or office.

Every room benefits in having a clock to tell the time, a contemporary table clock makes a statement, completes the mantelpiece or table top and enhances aroom – where it can complement it’s interior design


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