Carriage Clocks

Carriage Clocks

Carriage Clocks are usually metal-cased, spring-driven, and designed for travelling. First made at the beginning of the 19th Century in France and by 1810, the basic design of the carriage clock was much as we know it now. The distinguishing feature is the carrying handle on top to aid mobility, and older carriage clock may have a protective case, contemporary clocks rarely do. These mobile clocks are versatile in that they strike the hours and often have an alarm.

The collection of carriage clocks available today encompasses various designs and materials. Technology and modern production techniques enable the production of traditional and modern variations of carriage clocks, with both classic mechanical or modern quartz crystal movements giving consumers a extensive choice; and the opportunity acquire the perfect timepiece that will enhance their home or office.

Every room benefits in having a clock to tell the time, on top of that a carriage clock makes a design statement, completes the mantelpiece or table top and enhances any room.

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