Hermle Clocks

Hermle – Masters of German clock making

The foundation for this world renowned brand was laid by Franz Hermle in 1922, when he founded his company in Gosheim.  A European metropolitan area for machining technology; and the precision machining of every single component has been one of Hermle’s success factors since then, along with the development of of new Hermle clock models every year, across their range of: Grandfather clocks, Wall clocks, Table clocks, Ship’s clocks and Regulators.

Whatever clock: a floor clock, table/mantel clock or wall clock, the highest product quality and reliability are values that count at Hermle Clocks – driving their production, and resulting in the highest quality of clock making.

Together with classic Grandfather floor clocks, inspired by designs of the past, Hermle’s Contemporary designs demonstrate their skill for creativity, purism and innovation. Their Table Clocks are like ornaments, which leave a lasting impression with their beauty of form.  The company’s Regulator Wall Clocks, with clear lines and technical perfection, enhance any home or work place; minimalist design and timeless modernity combine in Hermle timepieces, to make them appear miracles of technology.

Clocks & Chimes offer the current range Hermle cocks, their floor clocks, wall Clocks and table/mantle clocks.

The clocks are delivered completely assembled, along with separately packed pendulums and weights, and clock instructions. Just follow the printed instruction which show how to set your clock up and it will be ready to run. Please remember that you can always call Clocks & Chimes for advice, when installing you clock.

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