BilliB Longcase Floor Clocks

Grandfather & Grandmother clocks to grace your home

BilliB’s showroom collection of Longcase Floor Clocks is unrivalled.  From classic longcase grandfather clocks or contemporary grandmother clocks, in a wide range of wood finishes with quality mechanical movements, to modern floor clocks from their colourfull art inspired Bubblegum range, BilliB have a quality clock on display at their showroom in Bournemouth to suit your home or office interior .

Many of their clocks have beautiful melodies such as Big Ben’s Westminster chimes – synonymous with English clock making.  Some of their clocks have a choice of three different chimes … and most have a night silent facility, perfect if you’re a light sleeper.  All their clocks have a silent lever and all have automatic beat for easy clock set up.


Grandmother clocks are much the same as grandfather clocks, just smaller.

When you look at a clock, you generally look at the dial, a bit like when you look at a picture, you’re likely to focus on the centre of the picture rather than the frame. With a Grandmother clock, the centre of the dial is around same height as a light switch.  So, if that height suits you and the design of the room, then a grandmother clock is a good option to consider.

You can view BilliB’s showroom through a 360 degree picture, by copying this link and pasting it into your browser:

To visit BilliB’s YouTube Channel, copy this link and paste it into your browser:


BilliB grandfather and grandmother floor clocks
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