Tom Harris Clocks are a statement piece of furniture

Each clock is made from solid woods, mainly British hardwoods, all from sustainable sources; and fitted with a quality German engineered clock movement

tom harris clocks - handmade clocks

The quality of Tom Harris Clocks is achieved by

good design practices, using the best available materials and employing a blend of traditional skills with a modern production approach. Resulting in a limited number of hand-built clocks, attracting the discerning customer looking for something unique and special


The design philosophy Tom Harris Clocks is to look at traditional clock styles, which have given pleasure to previous generations, and to translate their qualities and appeal into contemporary looks that will compliment the modern home, office or reception area. A combination of wood, glass and inlays is used in bringing these designs to life and to achieve a contemporary appearance.

Solid hardwoods have a range of colours, grains and finished lustre and when combined with a precision engineered mechanical movement, and transformed into a quality piece of furniture such as a Grandfather/Grandmother longcase floor clock or Vienna style Regulator Wall clock, it becomes an aesthetic, functional and even enchanting acquisition to appreciate; and with appropriate care a future family treasure.


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